A Tub For 2

A Tub For 2

If you had the opportunity to share a bath with someone and over stayed your soak, you both would become raisens together and have the ability to make a new strain of wine labeling it , ” WaterProof”, would you soak all night long to achieve the status of true together raisen-ness.. or elope jumping tub befor your fingers, toes, an all the rest become like a sponge that soaked up a river of shame..

Playing with soap would reach the point where being clean an excitement causes over flow of a magnitude of an all time high when it goes flying out of your hand, bend over to reach for it hitting your ass on the spout, slipping and falling smacking your head on the side of the tub, and on your way fall face first into the water filled with soap, as your partner in crime laughs like crazy as they climb out, grabbing the only towel, an leave the bathroom closing the door and the light on the way out.

Would you agree to that soap up if you knew befor hand the outcome of what you hoped for when you invited yourself into the tub to begin with…

No rubber duckies allowed.

Story Submitted By – N.G.

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