What kind of witch are you?

Would you use your mystical powers for good or evil?

  • First pick a magical item

    • Spell Book
    • Magic Crystals
    • Incence
    • Ruby Slippers
  • What quality means the most to you?

    • Experience
    • Creativity
    • Knowledge
    • Respect for nature
  • Next pick your favorite witch movie

    • Practical Magic
    • Hocus Pocus
    • Elvira: Mistress of the dark
    • Chronicles of Narnia
  • Pick a Potion

    • Truth Serum
    • Love Potion
    • Eternal Life Potion
    • Sleeping Potion
  • Last one , what are your plans for the weekend?

    • Study up on my spells
    • Cast spells to assist my friends love life
    • Riding my broomstick
    • Befriending stray animals

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