Things you have probably done wrong your entire life (14 photos)

These are a few things everyone has been doing wrong.

The dreaded glass ketchup bottle

Stop shoving a knife into the ketchup bottle and smacking the bottom of it. all you have to do is tap the embossed 57 at the neck of the bottle to get the ketchup flowing.

Well i will do it this way from now on

Peel bananas from the bottom, not the stem in order to avoid those nasty strings. That’s how monkeys do it.

Chinese takeout plate

It turns out you’re not supposed to eat out of the box like an animal. Instead, Chinese takeout containers can be unfolded to turn into makeshift paper plates.

Handy tip

You’re supposed to use the hole in the pot handle to hold your spoon while cooking. Wow, our moms never told us anything growing up.

Never get it wrong again

If you’re like me, you’ve never made the right amount of pasta. In your entire life. Turns out it’s not a guessing game, that little hole in the middle of the spaghetti ladle measures out the perfect amount.

Stick it in the hole

Keep your straw in place whenever you crack open a can of soda by rotating the tab and inserting the straw through the larger hole. There’s a dirty joke in there somewhere.

The free end of toilet paper belongs over, not under. The fight is over. Even the original patent from 1891 says that’s the right way to do it.

The right way to cut bread

Most people assume you cut bread from top to bottom, but we all know that squishes down the delicious fluffy bread. Flip it upside down and then cut to maximize fluffiness.

I truly believe that the moment someone learns that ketchup cups open up is a life-changing moment. Seriously, look how much more ketchup you can carry back to your seat at McDonalds.

Always have leftovers to heat up

May not work well with Pizza. But this is a great tip for pastas to heat evenly. Space out a circle in the middle allowing the microwave to heat your food evenly.


If you’re like me and want to use tinfoil, you probably just whip it open and start pulling, and, of course, the roll pops out. Notice the tab on the side that’ll solve all your problems and lock that shit down.

Instead of savagely pouring the whole container in your mouth, it turns out Tic Tacs were intended to be gently poured out one at a time onto the lid. Like that will ever actually happen.

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